Chronotope by AramZS
Chronotope by AramZS
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Dealing with a terrible git commit log.

So I've got this problem. A server is automatically pulling from the remote for a git branch, only, something is wonky on the server, so every time it pulls it creates a needless git merge commit in the log.

The remote branch is clean, but I dare not push from the server now, even if I made a quick change on there, for fear that 300-something merge statements suddenly get plopped into my git log and every contributor's git log, creating an awful god damn mess.


So now what?

It turns out that just deleting the branch and then checking it back out again from the origin doesn't do it. I had to delete the local branch checkout the branch as if it was new and then RESET to the HEAD of the remote branch (but not the actual branch).



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