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Chronotope by AramZS
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New Clinton vs New Bush, just don't.

It's the cusp of 2015 which means another round of annoying speculation about H. Clinton and J. Bush, their potential, likelihood and possibility for 2016. So here's my semi-regular reminder for you: They're both terrible awful candidates for political and apolitical reasons.


They are both amoral, unethical, compromised individuals, as comes from being in politics too long. Generally they basically represent the same pro-corporate policies (with different flavors) that make Obama look like the freaking Patron Saint of Labor, and they both have all the gross baggage that will result in unbalanced budgets, bad tax codes, and unstable economies. Neither have been in touch with the common people in a very long time. Both are status quo candidates and the status quo sucks.



When your leadership sequence goes: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Bush or Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton you no longer have a democracy, that's just a hereditary monarchy. I'm not saying America is in awesome shape democracy-wise, but voting for either of those candidates is just giving up the ghost.


So don't freaking do it. Don't advocate for it, don't hope for it, don't donate for it.

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